Ultimate Baddass Dave Grohl Releases 23 Minute Instrumental

Dave Grohl Broken Leg ConcertFrom founding Nirvana, to directing documentaries, to breaking his leg onstage, finishing the show, and still continuing the tour, Dave Grohl is widely considered one of the coolest motherfuckers around.

One thing that has always driven Grohl to ultimate badassery is his urge to conquer new musical frontiers and regularly bring content to fans in ways they’ve never seen before. One such effort featured the Foo Fighters frontman and co. travelling through iconic music cities in the US showcasing historical venues and artists of each town, inspiring the HBO series Sonic Highways, as well as the Foo Fighters album of the same name.

His most recent brainchild is a 23 minute long instrumental of a modern-day rock and roll symphony, with all parts recorded himself. He also filmed each recording session and layered the takes on top of one another, giving us 23 minutes of Dave playing along with Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, and Dave.

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As You Were – Liam Gallagher Album Review

liam-gallagher-as-you-were-release-date-1498231032I’ve always had a bit of an ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ opinion of Liam Gallagher. He just seems like such a miserable prick who doesn’t understand how to interact with the world in any way other than being a complete asshole. Granted, because of this I haven’t exactly followed his career very closely, so maybe he’s had some redeeming things to say about someone somewhere, although I’m not too confident in that possibility. Here’s a fun read detailing a long list of insults he’s dished out to undeserving (and in many cases, more talented) musicians over the years, including the likes of Kieth Richards, George Harrison, and Bob Dylan. And of course, then there’s the historic feud he’s kept up with older brother and former band mate Noel Gallagher since presumably the exact second he was born. My favorite (or favourite if I’m gonna’ be all British about it) example of Liam’s Noel-bullying was when he bailed on an MTV Unplugged performance an hour before they went on and proceeded to drunkenly heckle the band from the balcony.

Despite these and a hundred other reasons not to give a single manky crumpet for the guy, I finally found something positive to say (he also seems to hate America, although I guess I don’t entirely blame him for that one). Liam’s new album, As You Were, is actually pretty great (*caugh* *hack* *dryheave* *gasp for air* Ugh, there, I said it).  Continue reading “As You Were – Liam Gallagher Album Review”

The National – Sleep Well Beast – Live Debut

natLike so many other indie rock fans, I became completely enamored with The National after hearing their most recent album, Trouble Will Find Me. After listening to that about a thousand times, I started to dig in reverse chronological order through their catalog. Each record exposed a little more vulnerability as I followed the songs backward through their history – less vulnerable in terms of themes and lyrical expression, but more in the way they sounded. Continue reading “The National – Sleep Well Beast – Live Debut”