60th Annual GRAMMY Awards – The Drinking Game!

grammy horns

Well, another year has passed and it’s time for another year worth of music culture to be judged and dramatized. The Grammy’s have often displayed more gossip and scandal than grandeur sophistication, so this year we’ve decided to steer into the skid with an interactive drinking game! No matter the occasion, it’s always a good time to celebrate music and its effects on culture, and what a better way to do it than by getting a little tipsy (or a lot) on a Sunday night? Grab yourself a drink (or multiple) and check out the list below for an evening guaranteed to be packed with big wins, political nods, social justice praises, and of course, some great music. Continue reading “60th Annual GRAMMY Awards – The Drinking Game!”

Kaytranada Offers More Potential Support for SoundCloud

kaytranadaWhat’s up everybody!?! As the world falls apart a little more (and more) (and more), I’m just sitting here trying to look for the Sunshine.

That’s probably how SoundCloud feels these days too, as they’ve been dealing with their own set of fires lately, like losing a huge chunk of their user base, forcing out their CEO, and some major cash flow problems. I reported on some comments Deadmau5 had for the independent streaming service in the wake of vocalized support from Chance the Rapper (and that Deadmau5 doesn’t expect it’ll make much of a difference), but now rising hip-hop star producer Kaytranada is rumored to be joining the fight as well. Continue reading “Kaytranada Offers More Potential Support for SoundCloud”