It Wasn’t All Bad! Part I – Going into 2018 remembering the brighter side of a bad year

It wasn't all badIn a lot of ways, 2017 was a year of controversy, turmoil, destruction, and devastation. I don’t even need to add any links because I know you know what I’m talking about. Although there’s plenty of reason to drag your feet and hang your head as you enter a new year after one that brought pain almost every week, there were also plenty of events that redeemed society through encouraging acts of kindness, rising star power, and positive social change, and these were also exhibited in various ways through music. Today we’re focusing on the fuller half of the glass and reflecting on the great music events that lit up the stage instead of the land.

While there were some major events that brought people together and took the big issues of the day head-on, others were simply there to provide some small form of escapist joy in this recurringly depressing world, and we can use all these examples to spring ourselves forward into a better 2018. Scroll below and take a look through the year of hilarious stage antics, huge wins for underdogs, and more. Continue reading “It Wasn’t All Bad! Part I – Going into 2018 remembering the brighter side of a bad year”

2017 Album Releases – Coma Collective’s Notable Picks

2017 albumsAmong the massive hoard of amazing albums that came out this year, more than a few stood out as noteworthy mentions. In a year packed with releases from industry veterans and up-and-comers alike, below is a handful of Coma’s top picks for 2017 releases (in no particular order that has anything to do with rank). Continue reading “2017 Album Releases – Coma Collective’s Notable Picks”