Brave the Slothrust Trail! – Slothrust creates Oregon Trail-inspired touring game

The Slothrust Trail

Oh, the open plains, how their beauty mystifies the soul – that is, when they’re not killing your little 12 bit avatar with dysentery. Many of us fondly remember the elementary days of braving the Oregon Trail in a virtual western world wrought with plentiful diseases, frequent thieves, and arbitrary bone fractures that mercilessly plagued you and your loved ones as you struggled to survive, hoping to one day reach the wondrous sanctuary of Oregon. Now you can relive this glamorous and not at all disheartening experience with Slothrust‘s The Slothrust Trail!

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A Savage Dichotomy – Conversation with The Autonomics’ Dan Pantenburg

The Autonomics.jpgIn a life of late nights, long tours, brown liquor, and empty pockets, it’s difficult to hang onto any conventional sense of normality. The transience of this feeble balance is intensified when combined with the trials of quarter life restlessness, encounters of new competition in a relentlessly developing industry, and a constant struggle to maintain wholesome relationships with friends and family amid the chaos of it all. This, however, is just a slice in the life of The Autonomics‘ Dan Pantenburg. It’s not all turbulence though, as I found out while sitting down with the front man last week to discuss these and a slew of other subjects, not excluding The Beach Boys, dinosaurs, and of course, The Autonomics’ new album, Debt Sounds.

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2017 Album Releases – Coma Collective’s Notable Picks

2017 albumsAmong the massive hoard of amazing albums that came out this year, more than a few stood out as noteworthy mentions. In a year packed with releases from industry veterans and up-and-comers alike, below is a handful of Coma’s top picks for 2017 releases (in no particular order that has anything to do with rank). Continue reading “2017 Album Releases – Coma Collective’s Notable Picks”

The National – Sleep Well Beast – Live Debut

natLike so many other indie rock fans, I became completely enamored with The National after hearing their most recent album, Trouble Will Find Me. After listening to that about a thousand times, I started to dig in reverse chronological order through their catalog. Each record exposed a little more vulnerability as I followed the songs backward through their history – less vulnerable in terms of themes and lyrical expression, but more in the way they sounded. Continue reading “The National – Sleep Well Beast – Live Debut”

Concert Review: Portugal. The Man at Edgefield

Portugal-The-Man-newSaturday July 22nd, Troutdale, OR, McMenamins Edgefield. The sun was beating down at a solid 90° on a sold-out crowd of just under 1,400. Scattered across the lawn were an eclectic mix of indie-goers ranging from flower-crowned millennials, to hip rocker yuppies, to a handful of high waist-pantsed and seemingly lost seniors (maybe they thought this was a Willie Nelson concert?). The grass was soft and the beer lines moved quickly as people got settled in for a night with one of the most accomplished bands to grow out of Portland.

Kicking off the event was Cat Hoch, a Portland-based psych-jazz-rock ensemble headed by a floaty-voiced melodist of the same name. Their echoey instrumentals strung together waves of trance-inducing guitar solos and ghostly themes of celestial proportion. The night then shifted to the surf rock stylings of The Shivas. Channeling the spirit of early southwestern 60’s blues and a wicked-shaggy haircut that Joey Ramone himself would’ve been proud of, The Shivas ramped up the tempo and got heads bobbing faster than you could say ’90’s Quentin Tarantino soundtrack candidate.’

Cat Hoch - The Shivas
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