Father John Misty at the Edgefield Amphitheater

DSC_0173It’s been a busy couple of years for Josh Tillman. Of course, he’s better known by his boisterous, swashbuckling musical identity, Father John Misty. By this time last year, he was celebrating the release of his critically acclaimed album, Pure Comedy. It would later go on to receive Grammy nominations for best alternative album and best recording package, the second of which he was awarded with the golden horn. As the third full-length offering in his catalog, Pure Comedy serves as a critique on the human existence – a product of society’s contempt turned on itself for the imperious and exorbitant grandeur of its ways. Misty’s persona has often been known to embody both sides of this dichotomy – frequently praising himself while at the same time calling out his own bullshit, as he does on “Leaving LA,” conceding, “Oh great, that’s just what we need / Another white guy in 2017 / Who takes himself so goddamn seriously.”

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MusicfestNW Takes a Gap Year

musicfest-nwThere’s some sad news for Portland area festival goers. MusicfestNW and Project Pabst will not be kicking up dust and dishing out PBR’s this year in Portland’s iconic downtown Waterfront Park.

Citing the end of a partnership with Pabst and the budget beer’s decision to “go in a different direction,” MusicfestNW and it’s parent operator, Willamette Week, announced the cancellation earlier this week. This will be the first year without the festival since it’s inception 18 years ago. Event organizers promised that this would just be a gap year, and that the festival would return in some form or another the following summer. Continue reading “MusicfestNW Takes a Gap Year”

2017 Album Releases – Coma Collective’s Notable Picks

2017 albumsAmong the massive hoard of amazing albums that came out this year, more than a few stood out as noteworthy mentions. In a year packed with releases from industry veterans and up-and-comers alike, below is a handful of Coma’s top picks for 2017 releases (in no particular order that has anything to do with rank). Continue reading “2017 Album Releases – Coma Collective’s Notable Picks”

MusicfestNW Presents Project Pabst!

musicfest-nwWhat’s up ya’ll!?! There’s always a ton of great shows/festivals over the summer, but one that I’m really stoked about is the Project Pabst stop in Portland. I didn’t actually have any clue about it until I was looking up tour stops for Noname a couple months ago, and this one popped up.

One of the greatest things about what I’m going to call the massive ‘festival frenzy’ that’s picked up in the last few years (or decade?) or so (also maybe I’ll do another post about how huge festivals are these days), is that it gives you the chance to see a ton of different artists at a bulk discount that you might not have splurged for the ticket to alone. There are a lot of those that fall into that category for me at this event, like Beck, Die Antwoord, Lizzo, PUP, etc. etc.. But of course, I’m kind of losing it over getting to see Iggy Pop, Fidlar, Father John Misty, Spoon, Nas (like, f*ckin NAS?? legend, never thought I’d get to see him live), and of course, Noname all in the same weekend.

The full lineup is here (and also inserted below). I’m trying to get some press passes for photos and interviews, but either way there will definitely be more posts to come after the show (maybe it’ll help to give a direct shout out to Motormouthmedia while I’m at it ;)). Let me know who you’d like to hear from/about and I’ll try to focus in that direction.

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