The Slothrust Trail

Oh, the open plains, how their beauty mystifies the soul – that is, when they’re not killing your little 12 bit avatar with dysentery. Many of us fondly remember the elementary days of braving the Oregon Trail in a virtual western world wrought with plentiful diseases, frequent thieves, and arbitrary bone fractures that mercilessly plagued you and your loved ones as you struggled to survive, hoping to one day reach the wondrous sanctuary of Oregon. Now you can relive this glamorous and not at all disheartening experience with Slothrust‘s The Slothrust Trail!

In this modern twist to the sadistically ruthless children’s game, the alt-rock group makes the fitting comparison that it in many ways resembles life on tour as a struggling musician. Stock up on food, tires, strings, and drum heads as you blaze the trail from Los Angeles to Boston. Oh no! Kyle got the flu! Dammit! Your band was robbed during a show! But hey, at least there was free cake in the green room. Shit, now Leah got food poisoning from some bad ceviche! You can experience all this and more, all while jamming to their latest record released last Friday, The Pact.

Slothrust are currently navigating the real-life western trails, making their way toward Oregon as you read. The trio plays this Friday 9/21 at Mississippi Studios with support from Portland’s own Summer Cannibals. They’ll continue through much of the US and finally land in New York before moving on to Europe and yaddah yaddah we only care about Oregon since we live here and fits better with the Oregon Trail homage. Tickets are going fast, so get yours now!! You can play the game here, and check out The Pact below.


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