Dave Grohl Broken Leg ConcertFrom founding Nirvana, to directing documentaries, to breaking his leg onstage, finishing the show, and still continuing the tour, Dave Grohl is widely considered one of the coolest motherfuckers around.

One thing that has always driven Grohl to ultimate badassery is his urge to conquer new musical frontiers and regularly bring content to fans in ways they’ve never seen before. One such effort featured the Foo Fighters frontman and co. travelling through iconic music cities in the US showcasing historical venues and artists of each town, inspiring the HBO series Sonic Highways, as well as the Foo Fighters album of the same name.

His most recent brainchild is a 23 minute long instrumental of a modern-day rock and roll symphony, with all parts recorded himself. He also filmed each recording session and layered the takes on top of one another, giving us 23 minutes of Dave playing along with Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, and Dave.

My initial feelings toward the concept of this move are met with a strong sense of narcissism from the part of the creator. It sounds like something some douchey rock star wannabe would conjure up from beneath the cloud of an epiphanistic 2:00 AM bender. Like,*hits blunt* “Hey man, you know what would really break the mold? Recording an obnoxiously long instrumental by myself with black and white shots of me makin’ the jammin’ face.”

But this is Dave Effing Grohl we’re talking about here! As far as chiché rock icons go, this guy has got to be one of, if not the most genuine creative personality we have the honor of listening to these days, especially considering our time in the age of superficial online personalities and digital bravado. In an ironically unconventional sense of the term, Grohl sticks to the basics; without creating a new genre, rather, he redefines one. See the short film and listen below.

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