It wasn't all bad

Welcome to Part II! This is the second volume in a look back on the positive things that happened in a seemingly bad year across 2017. For a look at Part I of It Wasn’t All Bad!, click on over here.

Recognition for Women

Cardi B Rolling StoneIt’s no secret that women today are taking control over their previously male-dominated world, and that was evident in a lot of places in 2017. As the shift in social perspective on modern gender roles (or rather an increasing lack thereof) expanded throughout the music industry, women from multiple genres reaped the fruits of their labor. Women appeared on the cover of nine Rolling Stone Magazine issues in 2017, up from just one in 2016, showcasing the likes of Lorde, Kesha, and Cardi B, to name a few. The lonesome 2016 issue from March 23rd even depicted Hillary Clinton sharing the cover with a male counterpart in Bernie Sanders (so half credit to RS?). Of course, Rolling Stone isn’t the sole determinant of social awareness, but it is one of the industry’s largest media companies. This obvious transfer of focus is another piece of evidence that women are taking back the spotlight and, so far by all accounts, the power in the industry as well.

Kid Rock Not Actually Running for Senate

Kid Rock arriving back at his madrid hotel at 4am swearing at PaparazziIn the ever-sensitive political circus that has become our national government, what would’ve been considered surprising in past years would seem commonplace or mundane in 2017. Despite this fact, it still rattled many to hear that Kid Rock would be running for US Senate. The ‘not quite a rocker but also doesn’t really rap so he settles on appropriating somewhere in between’ singer then later announced that the whole thing was a gimmick, and that he wasn’t actually running. Many have offered adverse opinions of the gibberish-laden “Bawitdaba” singer in the past, and news of the hoax brought on a collective sigh of relief from the few remaining citizens who appreciate experience and composure among elected officials. Regardless of political affiliation, I’m happy that we don’t actually have people vying for powerful government positions while making a mockery of the political process. Well, at least there’s one fewer now, anyway.

P Diddy’s Inspirational Pep Talk

When trying to survive in a world of turmoil, it’s important to constantly reinforce yourself and your own competencies. A helpful self-directed pep talk can do a lot to pull you out of a rut and give you an extra kick of confidence. P Diddy aka “Love” aka “Puffy” aka “I think it changes by the day” set this example in 2017 that we should all learn to emulate. It’s hard to watch the clip and not feel the optimism oozing out of him. Here’s to feeling legendary and vivacious. You go, Diddy.

Chance the Rapper being Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper had a big year in 2017, and we’re expecting more of the same from him through this year. From major donations to Chicago Public Schools, to performing at the Obama Foundation Summit Event, and even things actually related to his music career like notable Grammy success and a 6-month tour covering 28 states (seeing him headline the second night of the Sasquatch! festival is something I’ll seriously never forget). Chance is such a happy-go-lucky guy with a heart of gold and a drive to make some real positive change in the world, all the while creating amazing art that we can all appreciate. He’s the perfect example of what we want to see more of in 2018, and we can’t wait to find out what’s next.

More Colorful Grammy nominations

jay-z with grammysThe 2018 Grammy Awards have potential be one of the most diverse showings in the event’s history. This is the first year since 1999 that no white men are nominated for Record of the Year. Many other categories are also being commanded by black and Latino artists including those for Album of the Year and Song of the Year. This year’s Grammy’s will also highlight a relatively significant shift in the industry, showcasing more acts in rap and R&B in positions that have historically been dominated by rock and country artists, most of whom have been, yep, you guessed it, white dudes.

Jay Z touts the title of most nominations, reigning in a whopping 8 shots at a golden horn for various aspects of his latest project, 4:44. Other notable nominations include Kendrick Lamar‘s DAMN.Childish Gmabino‘s Awaken, My Love, and Lorde‘s Melodrama (making her the only white nominee for record of the year). This year is a fantastic example of welcoming diversity into American culture that will undoubtedly be a growing theme throughout 2018.

Bonus: Rick and Morty Twitter Thread

rick-and-morty-fingersThis one isn’t music related, but it’s funny as hell. Go forth into your 2018 bringing people together with the collaborative hilarity exemplified in this relentlessly amusing Twitter thread.


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