Style on the RadioWhat’s up everybody?! It’s another Monday and another great opportunity to drown out your coworkers with some good tunes. Today I want to profile some of my favorite pop artists that are bringing new style and personality to the world of big radio. Pop music is by far the greatest money-making genre in the music industry, and thus the heaviest concentration in radio. But here and there new voices are sounding out through the static of the major stations and redefining the boundaries of what pop music can sound like.

These artists technically do fall under the same general umbrella as the Katy Perry‘s, Taylor Swift‘s, and Bruno Mars‘ of the world, but they exhibit traits of more independent musical styles with unique song structures, experimental sound samples, and deeper lyrical themes. They’re the new tastemakers in pop music (or at least they’re being chosen by the real tastemakers), and they’re infiltrating the popular market with an increasing prevalence. Many have even solidified major positions next to the greats, including the likes of LordeLana Del Rey, and Charlie XCX. My focus today relies more heavily on artists like Maggie RogersBanksSky Ferreira, Tove Styrke, Kali UchisBØRNS, and more. Dig in and jam out to some uniquely addicting hooks that you might actually enjoy getting stuck in your head all day.


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